a strange trend: plastic surgery for couples

Doctor's working on a woman's face.Have you heard of this before? Plastic surgery for couples!

Do you often find yourself staring at your reflection in the mirror and wished you could do something about your crooked nose?

Or wished that you were inherently born with bigger eyes so you wouldn’t have to go through the laborious process of putting on layers of eye makeup just to make your eyes pop? Or do you wish you had higher cheekbones like those of Scarlett Johansson’s?

If you answer yes then plastic surgery is what you need.

One would think that the female species are the only ones interested in physical enhancements with the notion that women compared to men are more concerned about how they look. You can just imagine our astonishment when the world of plastic surgery which supposedly caters to a pool of unsatisfied women has now lured men to take the plunge.

Quite surprisingly, today’s trend is scaling not in the number of tummy tucks, breast lifts and nose jobs but in the actually number of couples choosing to go under the knife together. We think they’ve taken their vows quite literally only that instead of growing old together they are now choosing to grow young together thanks to the genius that is plastic surgery. One particular patient who, together with his wife, went through a series of non-surgical procedures said that after getting their new look they feel more refreshed and more energized and they consider the experience as another part of their life together.

Contrary to what people think, couple surgery is far from being just a one-time thing as it is abruptly becoming a fast growing trend in the plastic surgery industry today. More and more surgeons who specialize in plastic surgery report that the number of couples who visit their clinics and book appointments is increasing by the day and all of them want to undergo procedures together with their partners. Some couples even have this bizarre idea of using plastic surgery as part of their anniversary celebration.

We delved into the possible reasons why men opt for plastic surgery and found out that they do it to stay competitive and viable. More and more men are flocking clinics to schedule for tummy tucks and liposuctions as their way of taking care of their mid-section. They also opt for chin implants to give them a more masculine look. These are just some of the many procedures marketable to modern-day men.

Surgeons have this theory that men want to keep up with their younger-looking wives that is why they are stepping up their game and diving into all sorts of plastic surgeries.